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Elderly Wellness Care

Suitable for Elderly with:


Mental health issues

Depression (loneliness, low energy, interpersonal separation, loss/death of a loved one)

Mild & moderate dementia

Palliative care


Calculating Budget
Kundalini Yoga Meditation


Mental Wellness Home Care

by Mental Health Nurse

  • Mental Health Assessment & Care Planning

  • Psychotherapy

  • Home Care & Carer education

  • Medication Management

  • Skills training

  • Counselling


Home rehabilitation consultation

by Occupational Therapist

  • Fall prevention program

  • Home modification

  • Activities of daily livings (ADL) assessment and training

  • Carer Education

  • Assistive Device Prescription

  • Seating adaptation and cushion prescription


Wellness Referral Consultation

by Mental Health Nurse

  • Specialist Doctor

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Family Therapist

  • Physiotherapy

  • Interests Classes

  • Community Resources

  • Psychotherapy (Evidence-based)

  • Complementary Intervention

A Wellness Professional for Home Visit

Access to our expert therapists, regardless of health assessments, therapies, or medication follow up.

from  $1,000

per hour session for the 1st interview

by our wellness consultant

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