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Children & Youth Wellness Care

Suitable for Children with:


Behavioural challenges

Difficulties with concentration, hyperactivity

Developmental issues 


Intense moods

Peer relationships 


Adjustment problems

Teacher and Student Playing
Image by Jerry Wang
Image by zhenzhong liu


Mental Wellness Consultation

by Mental Health Nurse

  • Mental Health Assessment

  • Counselling 

  • Psychoeducation 

  • Home Care

  • Care Planning

  • Behavioral Management

  • Self-management Training


Child Wellness Training

by Occupation Therapist

  • Pre-writing, Handwriting and pencil grip 

  • Seating and Posture

  • Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills

  • Sensory Integration and processing

  • Executive Function enhancement, e.g. Attention, Concentration, and Organisational Skill

  • Eye-hand Coordination

  • Social and Play Skills


Wellness Referral Consultation

by Mental Health Nurse

  • Specialist Doctor

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Family Therapist

  • Physiotherapy

  • Interests Classes

  • Community Resources

  • Psychotherapy (Evidence-based)

  • Complementary Intervention

A Wellness Professional for Home Visit

Access to our expert therapists, regardless of health assessments, therapies, or medication follow up.

from $1,000

per hour session

by our wellness consultant

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